The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Apr 052014

Recent letters from the provincial government make incorrect statements, we have therefore sent this Open Letter to Premier Wynne.

As a result of our sending this January 8, 2014 letter and this February 4, 2014 letter to Premier Wynne, we received this response from the Minister of Natural Resources, which is similar to a letter sent by the Minister of Natural Resources. These responses contain incorrect statements, and therefore arrive at unjustified conclusions.

We have therefore detailed our concerns in this Open Letter to Premier Wynne.

  3 Responses to “An Open Letter to Premier Wynne”

  1. Thank you for your continued hard work in the fight to save the Bala Falls. Your open letter to Premier Wynne was well articulated and made some excellent points.

    Until the open letter to the Premier, I was unaware of the gross impact the difference in size from the previous plant to the proposed plant would have on the site and on the area.

    People respond to visuals. Why don’t you try something new such as taking the square footage of the footprint of the original Bala Falls Hydro Plant (256 sq ft) and tuck it way down in the corner of a graphic of the footprint Swift River is going to foist on us (4,000 sq ft). A caption like “THEN & NOW” would give the viewer a great deal more visual impact to ponder.

    Perhaps that visual message could be sent to the Premier! Maybe it could become part of a new campaign.


  2. Thank you for your continued hard work in advocacy for the Bala Falls. I hope that, somewhere, someone will listen to all the facts you present. It is sickening to think that we could lose such a beautiful falls and its surrounding to the profit of a privately owned company. The amount of hydro produced would be a drop in the bucket compared to what could have been available from Nanticoke.

    Yes, Nanticoke was a coal-fired station but it was built there at huge expense and could have been converted to other fuels or, at least, could have had the scrubbers installed that were purchased for it, also at huge expense, years ago and never utilized. Surely, Ontario needs hydro service to be regulated once again, as it was for 95 years in the past, rather than having all our electricity, production and distribution, in the hands of for-profit businesses. I hope that, somehow, the Bala Falls can be saved.

    Marion Vermeersch

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