The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Aug 112014

Visitors to Diver’s Point (the public land beside the Bala south dam) over the last few years will recall the memorial trees and plaques towards Bala Bay. These were installed with the permission of the Ministry of Natural Resources and by Bala’s Communities in Bloom committee as a result of their soliciting ideas and donations, and these beautified the area and honoured family members of long-time residents of the area.

In an apparent bizzarre fit of trying to be overly-helpful to the proponent, the MNR contracted to have all trace of this memorial removed, as shown in the “before” and “after” photographs below (click for a larger view).

The MNR’s actions are truly inept:

  • The trees were relocated in July, which is completely the wrong time for such deciduous trees. Given that the MNR is now officially called the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry one would expect they would know a thing or two about trees. And there is certainly no rush for this work, the proponent is not allowed to start any work until October 20, 2014 (if even then).
  • The MNR knew the trees were planted as part of a memorial, yet the family for whom three of the trees were planted were not informed that the trees were to be relocated, were not told (or asked for input to) which trees should be relocated where, and still have no information on where the trees or the memorial plaques are.
  • As anyone associated with a memorial knows, the location is a key part of a memorial. And moving a memorial would be wrenching, especially when done in such an insensitive manner. This would dishonour the memory of the loved ones.
  • The MNR knows the Communities in Bloom contact, and the Communities in Bloom contact knows the families, so there is no excuse for such insensitive action.
The plaques are now gone

This continues to show that the community cannot trust that the MNR can or will do anything right, and we must continue to ensure that the MNR hears from the community.

  10 Responses to “Legris Park – NOT”

  1. As a property owner/tax payer on the Moon River for almost 60 years and a cottager for over 80 years, I wish to share my concerns about this catastrophe of the hydro company coming into our town and ruining the beautiful Bala falls. People have come from all across Canada and around the world to beautiful Bala to see what true nature looks like…God created an absolutely stunning town for all to enjoy, year round. I want the company and township to know how much we love this beautiful town and falls.

    Please listen to those of us who have enjoyed in this town for our whole lives, and not just those newcomers who don’t have a personal emotional attachment to the falls, and surrounding beautiful land and fresh and safe swimming/scuba areas.

    Our family has contributed many volunteer hours to making the town what it is, i.e.; Bala Cranberry Festival (for over 10 years), weekly Lions Bingo at the Bala Community Centre, member of MRPOA (Moon River Property Owners Association), snowmobiling during the winters, swimming at Jaspen Park Beach, developed the Bala Sports Park, my wife worked for over four years to bring the RCMP Musical Ride to Bala in the year of the new millennium 2000. We have many family memories in Bala and most of which are bringing friends and family to the Bala falls. Our lives are richer due to spending as much time as we can (winter and summer) in Bala and supporting the businesses in the town.

    This hydro plant should be developed and moved somewhere else (down the other end of Moon River, or somewhere out of sight) on not to ruin and to make commercial use of God’s beautiful creation.

  2. I can’t believe this.

  3. This makes one wonder how much of a pay off the MNR has been given by Swift River the proposed developer of the power plant

  4. Very disappointing and unbeilably insensitive!

  5. This is absolutely atrocious. The media needs to be informed of this heartless move by the provincial government, and the MNR. This is a perfect opportunity to get the federal government involved. Every one should contact Minister Tony Clement’s office and express their concern about this completely insensitive move by the Ontario Liberals.

  6. Why does the MNR take action without any forethought as to the reaction to said actions? Who put the people who made this inept decision to remove the Memorial into places of power and decision making? Why are they ripping apart the very social fabric of Bala with their callous approach to the unwanted, unnecessary, over-rated, and costly project of Swift River Energy? I suppose if it isn’t in their backyard they don’t feel the need to heed the wishes of the community.
    How expensive is it really to say we made a mistake and should not move forward with the Bala Falls Hydro project?
    Please Premier Wynne and other MP’s listen to your constituents. We don’t want the Swift River Energy project.. Please Save the Bala Falls!

  7. You can not be trusted …as tax paid employees …it is time to start listening to the community and the tax payers!!!
    Social media will not give up and your names will be published and you will have to live with the negative impact that you have created!!! Good Luck!!!

    Rest in Peace Those that removed the Memorial Trees and Plaques …paid by taxpayers …hopefully all of you will Think about what you did when you lay your head and close your eyes each night …may the bad dreams and nightmares live on and you feel sick to your stomach each time you drive by …Save the Bala Falls

  8. My step father had a plaque and tree in that spot. I would take photos of my children as they grow in front of that tree. I visit about every two years, and are upset that we where unaware the plaque is gone. At least I know now and won’t be disappointed in person. Where are the plaques and trees.

  9. This action is inexcusable and the persons responsible within the Ministry should be publicly dealt with, This is a crime to the Legris family and they deserve an immediate public apology from those responsible. This is truly an example of our Provincial Governments corruption and disregard for the people over Corporate gains. Dangerous !

  10. Sue them. Serve them with papers now!

    The site should surely be monitored night and day.
    This is a warning. Rightly or wrongly…construction has started.
    Snooze. Lose.

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