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Oct 052014

The Muskoka Lakes Association has rated the candidates for the Township of Muskoka Lakes …
This process included individual interviews discussing a wide range of issues, the results are here. We are pleased to report that for Mayor and District Councillors, the Muskoka Lakes Association’s results are the same as our recommendations. For Township Councillors, while the Muskoka Lakes Association did not find any candidates that ranked higher than our recommendations, they rated some other candidates tied. However, if you wish to save the Bala falls, we still recommend only the following:

  1. If you are in Ward A (includes Bala, Torrance, Clear Lake, and Walkers Point), vote for:
    • Mayor: Alice Murphy
    • District Councillor: Ruth-Ellen Nishikawa
    • Township Councillors: both Sandy Currie and Donelda Kruckel
  2. If you are in Ward B (includes Windermere, Milford Bay, Ullswater, and Hekkla), vote for:
    • Mayor: Alice Murphy
    • Township Councillor: only Gunta Towsley
  3. If you are in Ward C (includes Port Carling, Acton Island, Glen Orchard, Foot’s Bay, Minett, and cottages on Moon River through the Chutes), vote for:
    • Mayor: Alice Murphy
    • District Councillor: Phil Harding
    • Township Councillors: only Jeff Mole

Our one-page summary is here, and more detail is at

If you live or own property in the Township of Muskoka Lakes you should have already received your ballot in the mail. If you or your spouse have not, call the Township at 705 765-3156, this election is important in saving the Bala falls, and every vote is needed.

Mayor Murphy’s campaign has posted a video of the many accomplishments of the current Township of Muskoka Lakes Council under her leadership (for a larger view, click the wide rectangle near the bottom-right of the video window), a poster is here.

Did you know …

  1. Historical documents confirm that the Bala Portage has always been south of what is now called the Bala north falls, and this was created and used by First Nations people before 1837, detail here and here.
  2. In their enviromental assessment, the proponent stated there would be a “positive impact to portage” when in fact they would be obstructing and eliminating the historic Bala Portage. The fact is, the proponent provided incorrect information on this important issue yet they claim this was adequate consultation, detail here.
  3. Transport Canada and the proponent claim there are other portage routes between Lake Muskoka and the Moon River, but these either trespass over private property or are not safe, detail here.
  4. The proponent would only allow a trickle of 1 m³/s of flow over the Bala north and south falls throughout most of the year, which is about 6% of the usual flow, yet for Niagara Falls at least 50% of the flow of the Niagara River must go over the falls during spring and summer days. The Bala Falls are just as important to our area’s economy as Niagara Falls is to their’s, so the Bala proponent is just being greedy. More detail here.
  5. The proponent continues to provide vague and evasive responses to the fair and relevant questions asked for years by the public, more detail here.
  6. Some elected politicians think it is appropriate to have private meetings with the proponent rather than dealing in an open and transparent manner. Some proponents show rude behaviour towards the community they’re supposed to be working with. See both here (alternate video location here).
  7. For over a month, Peggy Peterson has been camping at the proposed construction site to protect the trees as the proponent is threatening to cut down and remove all the trees before the required First Nations consultation is completed. Peggy is often on Hunters Bay Radio and she is the Muskoka Lorax. An article in What’s Up Muskoka by Jack Hutton is here and an article about Mayoralty candidate Don Furniss insulting Peggy by incorrectly claiming she is being paid is here. If you’d like the honour of being Muskoka Lorax for a Day, drop by and visit Peggy, or e-mail us at to arrange this.
  8. The proponent’s proposed construction would make a complete mess of Bala for “up to two years” (so who knows how much longer it could be). They want to make construction sites out of seven locations, all within 150 m of the Bala falls, and one of their wishes is to make the bad deal that instead of making a mess of just Margaret Burgess Park, they’d like to make a mess of four other sites instead, details here.

Car Decals

Show you want to save the Bala falls by putting a decal on your car. This uses high-quality removable vinyl letters that can be applied to the window, body or bumper of your car in just a few minutes, as shown here. Get yours in Bala at Purk’s Place or e-mail us at to arrange pick-up or delivery in Toronto.

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