The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Oct 182014

Fact 1: As noted in the letter from the Deputy Minister of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry cited here, the proponent does not have the required Plans and Specifications approval under the Lake and Rivers Improvement Act. They therefore do not have the subsequent Work Permit from the MNRF. And they don’t have the required Lease to Construct either.

Fact 2: The proponent does not have the Driveway Entrance permit and they do not have the Building Permit they require, both from the Township of Muskoka Lakes.

However, Greg Knight, candidate for District Councillor in Ward A of the Township of Muskoka Lakes placed the following ½-page advertisment in the October 9, 2014 issue of the Gravenhurst Banner.

Clearly, the proponent does not have all approvals. This candidate has therefore placed false advertising and is misleading the public.

He has either been duped and been taken advantage of by the proponent or he has grossly misunderstood them. In any case, it would not appear he has “the sophistication to negotiate” (as above) and this is yet another example of why his secret meetings with the proponent are bad for the public and are unacceptable behaviour for someone running for a public office.

And what is he talking about “our town”, he does not live in Bala. Also, his claims of “saving Margaret Burgess Park” are also completely misguided and mistaken, as detailed here.

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