The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Oct 232014

As most of us who support saving the Bala falls have found, others are initially surprised that we have questions about the provincial government’s support of, and the proponent’s effort to build, a hydro-electric generating station at the Bala falls.

Ted is a  supporter who was initially a skeptic has written this letter, which has been sent to senior politicians. The letter explains why he too now wishes to save the Bala falls, as he summarizes:

I believe the message is a good one and that it provides a strong case of why this project should absolutely be cancelled, but with a balanced view without demonizing those who think we’ve lost the battle and that we should be cooperating. I believe we need to continue to point out that the vast majority of those who appear to be on the other side, actually would far prefer to have the project cancelled too but, they feel we can’t fight Queens Park. Let’s keep the “no one really wants this project if they thought they had a choice” message out there. Let’s try a message of solidarity and shared concerns, that we all want what’s best for Bala and Muskoka, that we are not enemies and that we all are passionate about our wonderful little town in this paradise called Muskoka.

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  1. Our Community doesn’t want the disaster in our community. We don’t want to fight amongst ourself. We had 15% that thought they had no choice, undecided, or wanted it only. That is by far not a majority. We want to preserve our Natural beauty in Muskoka. That is our waters and our green space. Our natural inhabitant.

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