The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Nov 162014
  1. Just this one proposed project would receive a subsidy from us Ontario taxpayers of over $100,000,000 over the initial 40-year contract as it would receive up about 17 ¢/kW•h whether the power is needed or not (Ontario Power Generation’s stations receive about 4 ¢/kW•h).
  2. It would ruin the local economy as the very popular wading at the base of the Bala falls would become so dangerous that the proponent would need to install fencing to keep everyone out of the water (the Bala falls are unique in that they are accessible, are important to the area’s economy, have free local parking, stores, restaurants, washrooms, viewing benches, and you can climb down the rocks on them).
  3. Both Bala falls would become a trickle, leaving dry rocks instead of the area’s main tourist attraction (50% of the flow of the Niagara River is reserved to go over the Niagara Falls, but the Bala proponent would allow only 6%).
  4. The proposed station would obstruct the Bala Portage, which is proven to have been created and used by the First Nations of the area (according to the maps and hand-written diary of cartographer David Thompson in 1837).
  5. Transport Canada rushed-through their approval, refusing to allow public input and accepting incorrect information from the proponent.
  6. The provincial government refuses to respond to letters and phone calls from the nearby Wahta Mohawks who sent notice that the Crown’s Duty to Consult has not been fulfilled as the proponent stated in their environmental assessment that the change to their current plan would be positive for the Bala Portage, even though it actually would completely obstruct and eliminate it.
  7. For over 75 days Peggy Peterson has been camped-out at the site to bring a human side to this issue and to ensure that the proponent and MNR don’t do anything without authorization.
  8. The recent Tom Adams / Ross McKitrick study on Ontario’s power generation concludes with a recommendation: “No new hydro developments”.

  2 Responses to “An update of why this proposed project should be cancelled”

  1. when will the provincial Government come to their senses and stop this project . It is not needed and not wanted and certainly not too late to stop.

  2. Please don’t give up….Save Bala Falls.
    Thank you for your hard work. It is time the Government respected and listened to the voices Of Save the Bala Falls.

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