The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Jul 302015

Scuba diving above Niagara Falls?

Building a children’s playground on the shoulder of a highway?

Of course nobody would, as it would be not just dangerous, but criminally and irresponsibly dangerous.

There are no other hydro-electric generating stations built this close to where people swim and boat, where there’s an annual swimming regatta, where people Scuba dive, and where there are both private and public docks.

As Bracebridge Generation Ltd. (the owners and operators of the Wilson’s Falls generating station) reports here (particularly pages 6 through 13), the treacherously-turbulent water exiting their generating station (which is a few km north of Bracebridge) caused a 16 year old boy to drown in 2008. The proposed Bala station would have TEN TIMES this flow, which would either drown people with the undertow, or shoot them out to the middle of the Moon River.

The Ontario government is allowing the proponent to build a generating station that would drown people. As summarized in our two-page flyer here, it is time to e-mail Premier Kathleen Wynne and tell her the proposed project must not proceed until the proponent has a plan to keep the public safe.

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