The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Nov 072015

In both Section 4.6 (Screening of Effects, Heritage and Culture) and 6.2.3 (Operational Effects, Adverse Effects on Cultural Heritage) of their 2012 Addendum, the proponent made commitments to not impact Cultural Heritage:

  1. They stated: “The proposed modifications to the Project will not result in any net adverse effects to heritage buildings, structures or sites, archaeological resources, or cultural heritage landscapes.”
  2. After noting that the Township of Muskoka Lakes posted a Notice of Intention to Designate six properties, the listing including the Township’s Portage Landing on the Moon River, the proponent stated: “the Project will not impact any of the listed properties with the exception of being visible from … Portage Landing on the Moon River.”
    • Clearly, cutting down over 100 trees on the Township’s Portage Landing and piling it 20′-high with excavated rock from the adjacent construction site would impact Portage Landing more than just having to look at their ugly building from it.

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