The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Feb 072018

Over the past months, we have received many comments about the proponent destroying most of a large inscribed boulder which was in the way of their proposed project. More recently, we’ve received comments about what the proponent has now done with some of the pieces from that boulder, here’s one that conveys many of the concerns:

I understand that as part of their construction work, the proponent had to destroy most of a large inscribed boulder that was in their way. And that someone that works for the proponent somehow thought that leaving a piece of this boulder on a mountain in Africa would be a good idea, apparently thinking this would somehow honour the memory.

This is as misguided as thinking that leaving your murdered uncle’s arm in a foreign country he’d never been to would honour his memory, just because “it would always be there”. It confounds the mind, Africa has nothing to do with Bala. The proponent so misunderstands the damage they are doing to Bala’s history that they don’t realize this makes it worse.

This is a disgusting indignity and shows how out of touch the proponent is with the inexcusable and permanent damage they are doing to Bala’s beauty and cultural heritage. Pouring concrete on the bedrock of the falls is sacrilegious, and now it churns my gut that the proponent thinks they are somehow helping by leaving an important part of Bala’s history in some foreign country that has nothing to do with Bala. The proponent has shown yet again that in every way, they completely don’t understand what they are doing.

This makes me sick.


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