The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …



We need funds for Freedom of Information costs and other required expenses. You can choose one of the following ways to donate:

  1. To donate on-line by credit card or PayPal as a charitable donation, click here, and note …
    1. At the top pull-down below SELECT THE FUND …, you must select
    2. You can pay using your Credit Card, PayPal account, or an Interac bank transfer.
    3. The donation is made through the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, as they recognize our battle is working to save one of Ontario’s irreplaceable cultural heritage landscapes.
    4. Your donation will be processed by – you can print your tax receipt immediately and it will also be e-mailed to you.
    5. As a charitable donation, you save 30% to 40%, depending on your income tax situation.
    6. You can also donate by mailing a cheque to the ACO, instructions are here (be sure to write on this form that the donation is for
  2. To donate on-line by credit card or PayPal, click on this icon …


  3. Do an Interac transfer using your bank’s on-line access. Send the funds to If you don’t e-mail a Security answer, we’ll assume it is Bala
  4. Make cheques payable to “Save the Bala Falls” and deposit funds to the Save the Bala Falls bank account #5002458, TD Bank, Gravenhurst branch, Bala sub-branch #2033.

If we have funds remaining after this cause:

  • For donations of $100 or more made in 2016 and later and for which charitable tax recepts were not issued (that is donations by above methods 2, 3, and 4), funds will be returned to donors, pro-rated by remaining amount of such donations.
  • Any and all remaining funds will be donated to the community.

Both Donations and Memberships are very important for saving the Bala Falls, you can click here to learn about becoming a Member.

If you have any questions, please contact us at