The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Feb 082012

After being rated by National Geographic as the best of the 10 Best Trips of Summer 2011, National Geographic Traveler magazine has ranked Muskoka as one of the 20 Best of the World 2012 travel destinations.

This is a world-wide rating – Muskoka is rated with Central Africa’s Virunga Volcanoes, Guatemala, and Peru.

That is, Muskoka is special. And protecting the natural beauty is a responsibility, and something worth fighting for.

The proposed hydro-electric generating station would blast away the Muskoka bedrock and put a 100′-long poured-concrete building in direct view of the most popular place from which to view the falls. Both the north and south falls would just a trickle throughout most of the year. Over 500′ of the only publically-accessible shoreline in the area would become restricted as too dangerous for the public.

This would be as shameful as burning down rain-forests or killing elephants for their tusks. We need to protect Muskoka.



  One Response to “Again, National Geographic rates Muskoka world-class

  1. Why does it seem that everyone, but our government, recognizes what an irreplaceable treasure we have in the Bala Falls. The project seems to move forward despite all evidence that it is an insanity to proceed. It will only benefit the bottom line of SREL. BALA WOULD LOSE.

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