The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Jun 272012

The Heritage Canada Foundation has included the Bala Falls cultural landscape in their 2012 Top Ten Endangered Places list.

An overview is here, more detail is here, and the full article is here.

The Heritage Canada Foundation is Canada’s only national organization working to protect Canada’s historic places for future generations. Their recognition shows that the need to save the Bala Falls is one of the most important heritage issues across Canada.

For more information on their good work and to become a member, click here.

  One Response to “Saving the Bala Falls is a national concern”

  1. Yesterday I spent the afternoon rediscovering the joy of falling water. The sounds and feelings of the Bala Falls should not be destroyed for any reason. They inspire, attract and have a power we have yet to fully appreciate.
    Yesterday there were 30 people having the best day of summer. Please tell me why we would even consider such distruction.
    Is it true that High Falls in Bracebridge is not on the grid and is not operational?

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