The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Jul 182014

The proponent has requested (several times) to use Township’s Portage Landing site during construction. This is the part of Burgess Island west of Muskoka Road 169 and south of the proposed construction site. The proponent would cut down all the trees, pile it full of blasted rock, drive construction vehicles all over it, set-up a huge crane, locate a settling tank the size of a large truck, and on and on. They say they would restore it, but it would never be the same.

To help visualize what the proponent would do to this natural and historic location, here is a photograph of the site now, and something like what it would look like for a very long time (click on it for a larger view).

During the proposed construction, the proponent also wants to use both the Precambrian Shield parking lot and the south half of the Don’s Bakery parking lot to store construction materials and vehicles.

We say “no, thank you”, if you want to make a mess, do it on only the land you have rights to, not the Township’s land.

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