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Oct 052014

Show your support for saving the Bala falls by putting a decal on your car.

The white vinyl letters and adhesive are designed to not damage your car’s surface and can later be easily removed.

Get yours at Purk’s Place or e-mail to arrange pick-up or delivery in the Toronto area.

Your car decal

The car decal is 20″ wide x 2¼” high

For best results, the decal should only be applied when the temperture is above 10ºC.

The decal has a heavy backing sheet (blue) and a translucent transfer tape over everything.

Your car decal

Decide where to position the decal

Clean the surface where it will be applied, at least with water, preferably with Windex.

Without removing either the backing sheet or transfer tape, decide exactly where to position it:

  • The centre of the decal is at the left edge of the “l” in Bala.
  • Holding it in position, decide how you will ensure it is level (for example, positioning the two bottom corners just above the moulding).
  • The decal can be applied to the outside of your window, to the body of the car (the adhesive is designed to not damage the paint), or your bumper.
Your car decal

Remove the backing sheet

Remove the heavy blue backing sheet:

  • Don’t let anything touch the sticky back of the white vinyl letters.
  • The transfer tape has a light adhesive to hold the letters.
Your car decal

Apply the decal

Holding each end of the decal (by the transfer tape, keep your fingers off the back of the letters), keep the decal above the surface of the car until you have it aligned/centred/level.

Then press everything onto the car. Pressing down with your finger, trace along each letter to adhere all of each one to the car.

Your car decal

Remove the transfer tape

Pull the transfer tape off at a sharp angle (that is, don’t lift the letters up, have the tape bent 180º so the letters are not lifted).

Your car decal

Let people know you support saving the Bala falls

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  1. Thank you so much Mitchell. The message is already on the trike fairing

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