The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Apr 112015
  1. Because the proponent is reneging on proposal commitments they made, we sent this letter to the Minister of Natural Resources.
  2. Because the proponent’s construction plans do not conform to the environmental assessment approval they received, we sent this letter to the Minister of the Environment.
  3. The Premier needs to know that we’re not getting the “transparent, accessible government that the people of Ontario deserve”, so we sent this letter to Premier Wynne.

  One Response to “Our letters to the Premier and Ministers”

  1. We are really disappointed the government has not yet cancelled this proponent’s project. Time after time they have shown disregard for proper procedure. It is time for this government to make the proper choice for safety, the environment, our hetitage , and the economy of Bala and the Township of Muskoks Lakes.

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