The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Nov 042015

In their 2012 Environmental Assessment Addendum, the proponent:

  • Provided a scale drawing of the outline of their proposed Alternative 1A generating station. A section of this Figure 2.1 is below, and using the proponent’s scale shows the area of the footprint (highlighted in blue) as 401 m².
  • Stated in Section 2.1: “The footprint and elevation of the Alternative 1A plan presented in this Addendum illustrates the largest building size required for both configurations. Therefore, this size may indeed be reduced following detailed design prior to construction.”

However, at the October 16, 2015 Township of Muskoka Lakes Council meeting, the proponent provided the current drawings for their proposed generating station. A section of one of these drawings is shown below, the area of the footprint is 600 m². This would be a 50% increase from what they had said was already “the largest building size”.

Therefore the proponent has not honoured their written commitment to the public and to the Ministry of the Environment.

  2 Responses to “Proponent’s big lie #2: building footprint”

  1. Hear Hear!!!

  2. The Proponent continues to act in bad faith. They continue to misrepresent the project with altered drawings-enlarging the plans every time. We are continuing to fight and stop this Project. The Community at large does not want this project at any costs. We are sick of them Bullying Us. We are continuing the fight and need and want our Councillors, Mayors, MPP's, to stand up for us and represent the Needs here in Bala and Stop this Power Plant from ever being built here. Wrong location.

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