The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Dec 112015

Now we have more reason to keep working to save the Bala falls

Take a good look at this photograph, because you won’t see it like this ever again.

Without warning even our Township Councillors, at 8:00 am on Wednesday December 9, 2015, the proponent arrived on-site with security guards and a tree-cutting service.

In a lame attempt to hide their identify, the tree contractors covered each side of their truck with a 4′ x 8′ sheet of Alupanel. The contractors were from Lakeside Tree Experts in Barrie.

The proponent had stated they would not begin construction until the spring. They still do not have their permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources to build their proposed generating station, and they cannot begin any in-water work until June. So their now spending less than two days to cut down all the trees on the Crown land was just unnecessary bullying and spite, and shows that their frequent claims that they care about the environment are meaningless.

Eventually the OPP arrived on site, but our supporters only took photographs, as we know the best way to save the Bala falls, is through discussion and legal action.

The proponent’s actions show they continue to only act on their own interests, and have no regard or respect for the community.

We are now even more resolved to keep working to save the Bala falls.

  10 Responses to “A very sad day, Wednesday December 9, 2015”

  1. Where are the people change themselves to trees and blocking the paths. Time to abandon milquetoast behaviour.

  2. Once again the Township of Muskoka Lakes is not serving the best interest of their ratepayers nor the elected responsibility to the Township itself.
    The elected officials and particularly the mayor should be ashamed and voted out of office at the earliest possible time.
    Respectively submitted:
    Harry and Lynda Littler

  3. I see all my childhood memories being shredded. This is typical of Ontario unfortunately. We have the same issue in Etobicoke where over 600 condos are added to a quiet residential area with no regard for anyone

  4. These pictures have absolutely made my husband Ian and I sick!
    I cried when I looked at them. We have a cottage at the end of the Moon River (Gaunt Bay) – for nearly 25 years – and Bala and the falls have been such a beautiful part of our community.

    It will be heartbreaking to actually see it in person when we go up in a few weeks. I am sure ever single person in the Bala community is so sadden by this horrible act.

    I am totally speechless and horrified.

  5. Eco Crimes

  6. Sad doesn’t even begin to describe it! From the outset, this whole thing has been such a farce and scam. As cottages we have to jump through so many hoops to alter our landscape and are required to leave a natural buffer along the lake, and yet this can happen, all before final permits. Spiteful, petty, indeed.

  7. What a travesty. So many childhood memories destroyed in a heartbeat. It only illustrates the bully tactics used by so many politicians to further their own careers on the backs of a community, whose position does not fit with the political agenda. These decisions are made behind closed doors, so how do we really know what the consensus of opinion really is. Shame on you for destroying green and shame on you for being sneaky!

  8. Careless, thoughtless, and heartless.

  9. Very depressing to see those pictures!!!!

  10. Mitchell:
    Thank you for continuing to fight our battle. Unfortunately, the council did not have the kahunas to fight for us. Such shortsightedness. It is too bad we can’t hold responsible the real idiot here, Dalton McGinty.

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