The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Sep 262017

On Thursday September 21, 2017 the proponent hosted a public meeting (only their fourth in the more than 12 years it has been pursuing this opportunity) at the Bala community centre.

As a result of their making many incorrect and ridiculous statements, they were interrupted several times (you can view some of the meeting here). As a result, they terminated the meeting early.

One of the proponent’s incorrect statements claimed they have environmental approval for the roof of their proposed building to be above Muskoka Road 169, and therefore blocking the view down the Moon River with an ugly concrete building.

To correct these and other incorrect statements by the proponent, sent this letter.

  3 Responses to “The proponent’s incorrect statements at their Construction Meeting”

  1. The case against building another hydro plant in Bala, as presented here, is so overwhelming and compelling that it should blow this misconceived exploitation right out of the Muskoka water. The MNRF and MOECC and Tony Zwig’s contractors should just admit defeat from a superior foe with truth on his/our side – and leave Bala for people instead of money generation for a few.

  2. Fabulous letter Mitchell! I love the point by point detail. Too bad it’ll be wasted on a bunch of money hungry crooks.
    Just because our mayor happens to be a 2 faced crook and our premier is no less a pathetic, power hungry fool, doesn’t mean that we should just shut up and go away. Thanks to all the folks who send letters, email, phone, attend meetings, donate their time and money and demonstrate against this nasty, dangerous and unnecessary project!

  3. This is excellent, thorough work. Non-disputable facts. I look forward to seeing the reply to your letter.

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