The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Oct 122017

The proponent has recently provided some new renderings, here marked-up with call-outs to highlight some of the false information, deceit, deception, untruths (let’s be blunt) lies. Click on any image for a larger view.

The rendering above seems to be a delightful scene, except it is all a lie. There would only be a trickle down both falls, but the water from the proposed generating station would be dangerous for the guy in the canoe. And they have neglected to show their inadequate proposed downstream safety boom, and the huge steel gates on both the intake and at the tailrace of the proposed generating station.

Here’s the view of the proposed generating station from the street. For their original proposal, and for the environmental assessment for both their original Option 2 design, and for their subsequent Alternative 1A design the proponent committed this would be below street level. Instead it would tower more than 2½ storeys above street level, blocking the view down the Moon River. Instead of people on the bridge enjoying the view of the Bala north falls, they would see the dry rocks where the falls used to be, while listening to the roar of the ventilation fans for the proposed generating station.

The proponent would build a portage, which would encourage people to canoe through the water –outside of the proposed downstream safety boom – which would be made dangerous by their proposed generating station.

The proponent committed they would leave untouched the south end of Portage Landing, which they are leasing from the Township of Muskoka Lakes. Instead, they cut down all the trees adjacent to Muskoka Road 169, down to where the bridge starts.

  3 Responses to “Proponent’s big lie #7: Deceitful renderings”

  1. Oh this is SO heartbreaking. I lived in Bala for six years, and adored the falls. the sound of the water rushing down over the rocks was so calming, and very photograpic.
    My friend and I went up to Bala, and he had never seen it before, of course, he loved it too. This just seems so unjust, to mess with the water system in Muskoka, Bala. Please leave it alone. The town will have a hard time not having this bring people into town, tourists,
    and residents. It IS Bala!!!

  2. WHY has someone on site not taken this to Justin Trudeau? I don’t understand – his platform was based on preventing this kind of erosion in favour of ecologically conscious change. Why go to a Minister who has done nothing to help when the top dog speaks out against such big company takeovers. Surely someone can see he “sees” this and speak to Kathleen Wynne regarding her ignoring of this project.
    Is it not too late? WHY has the municipality not stopped this undesirable action? Is there no one in a position of power that can weigh in?

  3. The problem is simple. It appears the provincal government is corrupt as well as some local poltiticians.

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