The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Nov 042017

AM640 radio host Kelly Cutrara visited Bala during the Cranberry Festival and was so disappointed by the destruction being caused by the proposed project, that the next day we were invited for an interview, which was from 3:45 to 4:00 pm on Monday October 16, 2017.

You can listen to it here …

  2 Responses to “ interviewed on Toronto radio station AM640”

  1. This whole thing makes me sick, why on earth is this not being stopped? Everyone knows we don’t need anymore production for Hydro in Ontario. How many government people have had their pockets lined so to look away?

  2. Great interview Mitchell. So sad it will likely fall on deaf ears. You have worked so hard for us over the years. Were it not for this commitment of you and other volunteers, it would be a fait accompli by now. I feel that this government does not want to be thwarted just because…………. No sensible reasonIng here.

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