The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …



Send a Letter to Prime Minister Harper and Premier Wynne

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Premier Wynne:

Re: Proposed Hydro-electric Generating Station at the Bala Falls

I have recently become aware of a letter from the Wahta Mohawks to you (a copy of the letter is at

This letter causes me great concern as it appears that the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial governments are not honouring their commitments to properly consult with First Nations.

Until the government’s Duty to Consult has been fulfilled, I therefore request the following:

1) Transport Canada not provide any approvals which would enable the proposed construction work to begin.

2) The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources not provide any approvals or land leases which would enable any work being done or trees being destroyed at the proposed site.

Please respond with what actions you will direct your government to take on this important matter.



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  4 Responses to “Letter”

  1. ……There are Sights of personalities broadcasted everyday by mass media and advertisments, to everyone, including kids, that later on we will all accept as evil…….The station that finished working in 1957 and the one working even today teach about affordable solutions in ” Energy storage” in the area of our picnicks!Not?How so?

    • Hello Maria,
      Our concern is that the proposed generating station would take 94% of the water and would have more than ten times the flow, and have 25 times the footprint of the generating station that used to be on the site. It would simply be too big for Bala — too big, too ugly, and too dangerous.

  2. It is of no benefit to any one in Bala. It will only cost us money, business will be closing, and tourism will be gone. We all enjoy playing in the falls and we have for years. I don’t trust the water levels once they start this project. I can see a lot of people being flooded out. Also the historical church on the little island could be damaged if not destroyed. It’s easy for someone to say nothing will happen to the church but they cannot guarantee it. People with cottages or homes off hwy 38 will not have access to the grocery store or any of the shops in town. During the winters months people don’t want to have to use a detour on the hwy to get to their church or shops. People have to stop and look at how it will affect all the people and to what cost.

  3. What a shame! Save the bala falls!

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