The proposed project would make all this too dangerous to continue …

Oct 012014

The proponent offers that instead of using Margaret Burgess Park for construction purposes, they would rather:

  1. Cut down all the trees on the Township land south of the proposed construction site, dump blast rock into it, store construction materials in it, and drive construction vehicles all over it.
  2. Occupy the south half of the Don’s Bakery parking lot so it could not be used for public parking, these would be the people that are important to the area’s economy as such visitors are what brings money into the area’s stores and restaurants.
  3. Occupy the Precambrian Shield parking lot so it could not be used by the Farmers’ Market, Cranberry Festival, or for public parking – again, all important to the area’s economy.
  4. Widen the Muskoka Road 169 shoulder at and south of the proposed construction site. This would require a retaining wall to be built and this would have a 10′ drop, so there would need to be a high fence. So people driving by on Muskoka Road 169 would just see a fence, not the view down the Moon River which encourages people to stop.

And in addition to these four construction locations, the proponent would also be using both the area beside Purk’s Place and Diver’s Point (in addition to the proposed actual construction site) for construction purposes. They want to occupy seven important Bala sites for up to two years!

So, yes of course Margaret Burgess Park is very beautiful. But better the proponent occupy the one site rather than sprawl all over Bala (occupying a total seven sites within 150 m of the Bala falls). Mayoralty candidate Furniss and his slate’s idea of having Margaret Burgess Park open is meaningless if visitors have nowhere to park, or they don’t even visit because Bala is a noisy and muddy construction zone for two years.

  2 Responses to “Proponent wants to occupy four sites rather than one”

  1. How anyone could vote for Don Furniss, aka “Mr. Probity”, I have no idea. Already he has lied about Peggy Peterson being “paid” — demonstrating a lack of probity right there. He obviously couldn’t care less about the fate of Bala.

  2. this just gets crazier and crazier,what part of no Dam dam do they not get.

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